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 a new approach to cord cutting

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a new approach to cord cutting Empty
PostSubject: a new approach to cord cutting   a new approach to cord cutting EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 7:27 pm

Cutting Cords and Energy Cord Cutting is a way of releasing any old or unwanted energy that is no longer needed. It is another way of spring clearing out the old emotional energy that is around you.

When 2 people become connected to each other, whether by a friendship or by a relationship, an etheric cord is formed between you both. It is developed over a period of time. The expression cut your cords is connected to keeping your energy clear and free and is all a part of well-being and personal energy cleansed and cleared. If you get stuck in a toxic relationship then yes, sometimes (though you don't have to - free will and freedom of choice) it is wise to cut your emotional ties.

Cutting these etheric cords to the old emotions releases the old guiding energy that might be still surrounding you connecting you to that time and moment of being in that space with that person. It is primarily like an energetic bond connecting you like a single thread of energy connecting you both energetically. Cutting your cords may be a way of releasing old vibrations as well as smudging with positive intention. IT IS a way of making sure your energy remains your energy, too.

Cutting the ties around your chakras is an easier way of doing just this:- to release the old vibrations around you.

Here's how to cut the ties and 1 of the approaches in the way of doing this - please note- there are many ways in which you can cut your emotional ties, if needed. Briefly, focus and delve into a meditative mode where you can quieten your mind and listen to the stillness of your surroundings.

When you are in this mode of focus, this is where you would ground and protect (if you know how) to keep you safe and anchored in the present.

Begin by placing both feet on the ground and avert your eyes away or lower your gaze to the floor (if in a group setting), from other people so as not to distract them. You may shut them if you wish - if its easier. Breathe four counts in and out, until you become very relaxed.

Become aware of a beautiful ball of red light located at the base of your body. This is your root chakra. It is the centerpoint of all grounding energy connections and is the chakra that keeps you rooted in the now. Picture it as a beautiful ball of light, but gaze around it as you would with a crystal ball, with an inner or external vision, depending on how you are picturing it.

You can tell if its got ties connected to it because they will show themselves to you in the way that is more friendly for you to disconnect them. Some people might see ribbons, some may see the ties as phone cables, and others, may just see the beginnings of the tension as blemishes. There is no right or wrong way of approach in leaerning how to de-cord cut.

Visualize the ball emitting the light and it vibrating at a level of frequency that is relation to the root chakra. The root chakra vibrates at a slower motion than the rest of the chakras. But it vibrates at it is own pace. Inspect the blemishes, visualize yourself holding the ball in your hands and smoothly with a fingertip running over the grooves, smoothening out the grooves and balancing the ball entirely by cupping the ball of light as you would with a healing ball. When finished, carefully and gently, ask for it to return to your body and continue to focus on the next one. You may do this for ALL chakras, but when finished, bring your awareness back to your present moment here in the now.
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a new approach to cord cutting
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