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 Empathy - Card of the Day for January

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Empathy - Card of the Day for January  Empty
PostSubject: Empathy - Card of the Day for January    Empathy - Card of the Day for January  EmptySat Jan 05, 2019 10:11 am

Saturday  5th OF January

Drawing from the deck of Teen Oracle Angel cards by Rita Pietrosanto

Empathy is a beautiful card and it inspires us to remember our beautiful gift and innate ability, to work with the gift and to see it as a blessing. For with this empathy we can aspire to help others in many ways than one.

Looking within the depths of this card though, and by calling my angel helpers forward to convey a message across for you today - look after yourself and heal yourself within, work with the flexibility and the empathy in nature and branch out of your development to forward positive intentions to working with all you encounter on the path today

you are here to help other people not hinder them, you are here to listen and respectively seek answers on your path, you are here to heal and send healing out to them in need, healing is for everyone

this card ensures you that your own inner voice is being heard by the angels that exist in pure energy, but you need to work on listening to your own inner voice and trusting in your heart and instincts 100% to secure your path of development ahead.
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Empathy - Card of the Day for January
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