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Mystiqual Magic is a soul family that focuses on spiritual and intuitive inspiration for all. All welcome.
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 Our Foundations

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PostSubject: Our Foundations   Our Foundations EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 7:04 pm

Membership is freely offered TO ALL with an piqued interest in spirituality, psychic mediumship, higher communication, spreading the joy, love and light, magickal and paganism development of the path leading us through life. When journeying, we feel it wise to help other people on their path and journey. We also feel it best if you are charging to ask to affiliate your website with us and if you wish to do so, a link will be created in the links section on our site under misc.

We firmly feel that by true and mutual respect, we are a new soul family here. We do not outcast anyone from our group. We welcome and accept new friends and old friends regardless of their whereabouts, history, background, past mistakes or situations, circumstances, race, gender, sexuality preferences, health situations, etc. We are more open to working with people that believe in the possibilities of spirit and psychic ability to help others on their journeys through life. We welcome anyone going through the awakening process of awareness.

It is important to remember that Freedom of Choice, Free will, Freedom of Speech and Confidentiality all apply to anyone sitting or coming into our site for a reading, healing, service, or session with us today. There is option for paid readings on our website if people did wish to give a bit back through Donations to our site; it will help us keep going with the opportunity that we wish to provide for all. Not wishing to sound like the Tesco advert though every little does help. But either way, paid readings are optional only. This link can be found on a post on our website links section. Predominantly, readings on our page and on our website are freely offered to anyone who wishes one. Simply make a new thread after posting your introduction and ask away.

We ask for Anyone joining our community to be respectful, courteous, kind and caring, and above else, yourselves. We suggest to perceive this site as a family-orientated minded group, so please don't put airs and graces or ego on for us when you come in. If you have a problem with someone on site, apply common sense and be discreet about it or talk with them in private.

Intentions ought to be kept positive at all times especially when working or tuning into others' energy. We are here to help You.

Not hinder you in any way, shape or form. Any egos, negative intentions, drama, or site & other group wars are not tolerated here on site. Please double-check your intentions before you join in our own family.

Membership is offered freely to ALL over 16+, though you ought to be 18 to receive a reading from us as directed by UK law. We are also obligated to say psychic readings ought to be kept separate from spiritual work, as in, when spirit comes in to connect, please trust in them 100% and set aside doubt or confusion, it may not make sense to you, but it will to the sitter. It is not your message to interpret either, please adhere to CERT guidelines for structure if you would prefer a bit of structure, they help with outlining the spiritual read when learning mediumship.

We are in agreement by the latest frauduelent mediumship act too and therefore will not read for the subjects of health, nor will we predict in any way shape or form as it will hinder and distress the sitter greatly. Bear this in mind on our site as well.

To become a reader on here, readers will be added by the founder herself, LittleStar, to the readers group. If you wish to apply for a reader, you will have to sit through a test reading for LittleStar to become a reader on here. Confidentiality is important to build up the trust within the group as well. Again, we ask for no egos permitted so as to keep site atmosphere entirely peaceful for ALL of our members and potential members.

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Our Foundations
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