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 Cord Cutting

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Cord Cutting Empty
PostSubject: Cord Cutting   Cord Cutting EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 7:26 pm

Cutting Ties Around Your Chakras

Begin by firmly placing both feet on the floor, and as you do this, start to relax your body, by being aware of the solid ground beneath your feet. Firmly place your feet on this solid ground and turn your focus to your feet, ask them to relax, to release all stagnant and heavy weighed tension within, any stress related feelings congested within, ask for it to be released and you do this, you begin to feel a lot calmer within your being… breathe in deeply for four counts 1,2,3,4 and exhale for four counts 1,2,3,4 and while breathing in, envision a beautiful white beam of light coming down from the heavens, watch its journey as it makes its way down to your home, and into the room where you are sitting in the ohm position of peace… you begin to focus on the root chakra, this light would be a RED colour that you are focusing on & in whichever way you are perceiving this chakra, whether it be a beautiful sphere of red light….. take note of this beam of light descending from the heavens transform into red…

watch as it fills this chakra to the point of where it is brimming with this colour………teaming with vitality and vibration, clearing in from the inside out, filling it with strength, grounding, stability, courage, and what energies of positive kind you need to continue your path……, where your chakra is located, it should be located at the base of your body - this is the root chakra…. too much red energy and we tend to lose our temper quickly, become irritable and angry…. you name it, it happens…. this happens when the chakra is unbalanced, or needs detaching of the emotion or generally requires clearing…..

visualize the chakra being cleared from this light, take note of the sphere as to what it is and visualize the light being cleared, allow this light to spill forth over the sphere and clear it from inside out, sweeping away any patches of darker energy or energy that doesn’t have purpose….. any blemishes with the chakra, run your fingertip over them to smooth them and then fill the space with bright RED light…… if you happen to see a cord or two- being shown to you as a darker ribbon wrapped all around it, you’ll know that these are emotions such as what’s needed to be cleared….

the way how you can clear them is by simply visualising yourself starting at the tip of the column where chakra is located and taking the ribbon between your forefinger and thumb and unwinding it around the chakra, keep unwinding it, and unwinding it until it comes off completely, the first time it may take a while to unwind, but little by little you will get there, tear the ribbon off at the end from the chakra and place it into a RED angel worry box which the archangel angel healing team of helpers, AA Raphael, you can ask him to take this feeling of emotion away - open the box and place the emotion into it - sealing it away with love. Then hand the box over to AA Raphael to deal with it appropriately as you no longer have need for it as its not serving you more purpose.

You may continue to work through your chakras, particularly the main 7, in the similar way, if you feel like you have a lot to clear, just by unravelling the ribbons. The ribbon is the emotion, so if you see any darker patches along the ribbon or if they are all darker, don’t stress, because you are clearing them & the emotional tie away from the chakra itself.

Working with the other chakras in the same way as what you’ve done here simply by shifting them. Tailor them in the way that works for you.

First chakra is the ROOT, Second chakra is the Sacral, Third Chakra is the Solar Plexus, Fourth is the Heart, Fifth is the Throat Chakra, Sixth is the Third Eye and Seventh is the Crown

When finished with all of your chakras. Thank your angel team for helping you, particularly AA Raphael, and give thanks for the energy. You can also flush the past feelings out with a meridian flush from the Reiki/Kundalini Reiki’s if attuned to Kr Level 2.
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Cord Cutting
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